Super Deal Trial Lesson windsurfing!

Super nice as a day out!

Trial lesson windsurfing

Since 2019 Soalsurf offers the trial lesson. The aim of the lesson is to get acquainted with the windsurf sport and to taste its flair. The trial lesson is especially suited for people who want to try windsurfing for a day, or for people who are looking for a fun day out. We bring you the coolest day you could wish for!

The difference with the regular group lesson is that the pace is slightly lower and the emphasis is on having fun. This lesson offers purely the principles of the windsurf sport. If you have already had lessons before, then the trial lesson is nothing for you.

Advantages Trial lesson at Soal

  • Entertaining course
  • Including equipment
  • Our prices include everything necessary to go out there, i.e. wetsuit, lockers, coffee/ tea etc.


Only surfcenter!
(On the beach of the Frisian coast)

  • Changing rooms
  • Free coffee, tea etc.
  • Free usage of lockers
  • Cold water shower facility
  • Open 7 days a week

Windsurf lesson on location

In Workum we have the ideal spot to get the hang of windsurfing – shallow water up until the sandbar.

  • Shallow water
  • Flat water
  • Large beach


Besides having fun, safety is one of our top priorities when giving lessons. Therefore, we always teach with the students wearing a helmet and an impact vest.

Furthermore, all our staff is first-aid briefed.

Free rental worth €280,-!

With every 2 hours you book with us, you will receive 1 hour of free rental! From the most expensive material!

We are the only windsurf school that has its own surf center right at the spot of Workum – along with mobile surf schools like SkyHigh Kitesurfschool, Antixsports and Kitemobile (compare the other schools here).

In addition, we guarantee for experienced instructors. That’s why you will not find a more experienced team anywhere else like us!

Terms for participation:

  • At least 12 years old.
  • No back or neck problems.  
  • Furthermore, be in a healthy condition.
  • The trial lesson almost always continues.

The trial lesson almost always continues unless the wind force is 7 Beaufort or more, or there is no wind. The test lesson may vary slightly depending on the wind strength.


Our passion for windsurfing and especially teaching has brought us further than all other schools and centers. Below you will find many extras that we offer you during and in addition to the lessons:

Earn free rental credits!

Of course, there will come a time when you are finished with taking lessons. Own material, even with our 20% discount, is still quite pricey. That’s why you get free rental credits when taking lessons with us.

For every 2 hours you book with us, you get 1 hour of rental credit free of charge for renting the best equipment. On average, someone needs 12-15 hours of lessons, also depending on the choice of your lessons (group or private lesson).

So, after 12 hours of lessons with us, you can already rent windsurfing gear for six hours free of charge. This is a great opportunity to test different brands before you purchase.

Free access to our Youtube training package

We post new videos here every week to help you with learning windsurfing. We also use these videos to support our lessons. 

For instance, we have a series of videos with each lesson block that you can watch quietly before or afterwards. This way you will learn to windsurfing even faster!

Choice of material after your kite surfing lessons

It is of course a new world you enter. That is why we are happy to help you choose new material. Do you buy material from us? We appreciate that very much! In that case, you always get a 20% discount on every product you buy.

From surf shoes to a complete set. We are also happy to help you with your search for a second-hand set (for example on marktplaats)!

The equipment used for giving lessons

We replace our material very regularly, which means that you will almost always be able to use new equipment. This allows you to learn much faster.


We are the only surf school with surf center. That means that we can pay extra attention to the wetsuits, unlike many other schools. Hygiene is our priority, so the wetsuits are washed out after every lesson and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. The wetsuits are also replaced every year. So you never have to feel uncomfortable in them.

Windsurf lessons at the Beach of Workum

The windsurf lessons are mainly given on the beach of Workum in Friesland. This is the perfect place to learn windsurfing. The water is fairly shallow so you can stand anywhere. The beach is large enough to build up the equipment and in addition, it offers space for your friends and family to relax while you have lessons.

We are the only windsurfschool with a surf center and shop on Workum beach. Other providers of windsurf lessons come with a van to teach.