Sensor 3 pro


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The superlative feel and comfort of the Sensor 3. And Formula One responsiveness from its titanium trussed, carbon fiber bar.

Every part of the bar is meticulously designed to provide unprecedented feedback and control. And now, with 100% Tectanium lines, the Sensor 3 Pro delivers the ultimate fly-by-wire feel.

A kite bar’s safety system is the critical link between you and your kite. It needs to work flawlessly and intuitively. The Sensor 3’s new QR (quick release) meets or exceeds all safety requirements and, most importantly, is easier than ever to reconnect.


  • CARBON SOUL: Ultimate performance has a name: Sensor 3 Pro! The incredibly light and rigid carbon fiber composite reduces the bar’s inertia, which in turn improves response and control. Kitesurfing has never been more precise!
  • TITANIUM CORE: Super light and strong. The integrated titanium truss ensures our twin auto-untwist center lines that pass through the center of the bar do not affect the bombproof rigidity of our bar.
  • STEALTH WINDERS (new!): No divots, sharp corners, or hard protruding ends on this bar.
  • GRIPLOC (new!): The narrow, non-slip asymmetric grip is easy on the hands – even for marathon sessions.
  • TECTANIUM® VARIO LINES: Exclusively developed for CORE by Liros, the market leader in specialized aeronautical and sail cordage.
  • LIVE WIRE (new!): Feel more “connected” to your kite with floaters that don’t interfere with the natural movement of the steering lines as they end a few centimeters above the bar.
  • AUTO UNTWIST: Twisted lines are a thing of the past. Untwisting your front lines after looping your kite is as simple as pulling in the bar.
  • 4:1 ADJUSTER: Simple. Fast. Easy. And proven. Our block and cleat system reduces pulling forces by a factor of four making quick adjustments in gusts a breeze (pun intended:).
  • CIC RELEASE (new!): Safe is good. The heart of our new Core Intuitive Connect Release is our push-out and easy click-back-in quick release.
  • SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF): CORE’s exclusive hybrid system combines the advantages of a single front line, double front line, and fifth line safety.
  • SHORT SAFETY LEASH: Extra short is extra safe. A short safety leash comes standard with all CORE bar systems.
  • LINES MADE IN GERMANY: CORE tough. Our line supplier, Liros, is a name synonymous with line innovation and workmanship.
  • SPLICED ENDS: For a better hold. We splice all our ends before sewing for a more permanent hold.
  • REPLACEABLE BAR INSERTS: Simple and replaceable. Bar inserts that surround the depower lines lubricate them as they pass through the bar to reduce wear.
  • ANTI-SLIP COATING: More grip’s always better. Special rubber is applied to the bar ends and CIC release to give the surface even more grip when wet.
  • MULTIBAG:  More than just a bag. The multi-purpose barbag offers protection for your shiny Sensor 3 bar when you’re on the road.
  • HIGH-QUALITY RAW MATERIALS:  A bar is only as good as the quality of its parts and processes. We use thermoplastics primarily used for the production of precision parts using the injection molding process.
  • PRO LEASH 3: Radical free- or wakestyler? The Pro Leash 3 is for you. Its length enables comfortable passes without the “straitjacket” feel.