New Weekend course!

Kitesurfing at SOAL!

Weekend course kitesurfing

SInce 2019 we offer an improved and updated version of our weekend course. The goal of the weekend course is to give you lessons with an instructor in the same group composition and at set times. This creates many more pleasant moments such as opening and closing the day with a collective drink or a BBQ. The lessons’ content is exactly like those of a group lesson, private for two or private lesson. You can choose yourself!

The weekend course has another advantage! We offer two hours of extra lessons for free. During this unit the self-rescue is given, a very important and underrated technique within the kitesurfing sport. This lesson always takes place in groups, because cooperation and grouping are necessary.
When exactly the BBQ takes place depends on the weather. In good weather we light up the BBQ after the lesson, so there is a tasty snack ready for you.

The weekend course starts every Saturday at 9 a.m. Depending on the weather and the wind, the lessons are organized during the weekend. You will be asked to be available from 9 am to 9 pm for possible lesson blocks. We try to schedule the 9-hour group lessons, the 6-hour private or private lessons for 2 lessons in a weekend. Sometimes this is not possible due to insufficient wind. You will then be reimbursed for the difference in class hours and prices, or you will pay at the end of the weekend. If there is no wind during class, we offer you free stand-up paddle boarding, beach volleyball and other fun beach activities.

Advantage weekend course at Soal

  • Extensive opening and introduction
  • Extensive feedback
  • The objective is to learn kitesurfing as independently as possible
  • Sociability is guaranteed
  • More than just a kite course!
  • In case of insufficient wind conditions, other fun activities are offered for free
  • Free drink
  • Lesson type of your choice!
  • 2 hours extra lesson for free
  • Including an IKO-certificate at the end of the course unit

Only Surfcenter!
(On the beach of the Frisian coast)

  • Changing room
  • Free coffee, tea etc.
  • Free usage of lockers
  • Cold water shower possibility
  • Open 7 dagen per week

Only IKO-certified center


  • IKO pro center
  • Free IKO-certificate
  • Free IKO app
  • Top instructeurs
  • Naast de les staan we ook altijd voor u klaar

Kitesurf lesson on location

If the wind blows better somewhere else, we will drive there with you. Do you want lessons at a location of your choice? No problem!

  • Big surf van
  • Flexible
  • 7 days per week, also in the evenings!


We are the only school that exclusively works with IKO certified level 1+ instructors.

Always with helmet and crash vest. All our staff is first-aid briefed.

Free rent worth €280,-!

With every 2 hours you book with us, you will receive 1 hour of free rental! From the most expensive material!
Renting can start after you have completed the lessons with us and obtained the IKO pass.

We are the only kitesurf school with a beautiful surf center positioned directly at the beach of Workum. There are a number of other small schools that are parked in the parking lot by minibus. Examples are the SkyHigh kitesurf school, Antixsports and Kitemobile. We are the only IKO certified school (compare all schools here link).

In addition to being an IKO certified school, we also provide instructor training for our kiteschool and other schools around the world. Our own examiners and trainers have already trained various people to become kitesurf instructors. Because of this you will not find a better team of instructors anywhere else than at Soalsurf.

Terms for participation:

  • At least 12 years old.
  • No back or neck problems.  
  • Furthermore, be in a healthy condition.
  • The weekend course almost always continues.

The weekend course almost always continues unless the wind force is 7 Beaufort or more, or there is no wind. The lesson’s content may vary slightly depending on the wind strength.

Course structure

1. Welcome

We welcome you to our surf center 15 minutes before the start of the lesson. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, you register yourself and sign up for participation at your own risk. Then you will meet the instructor who will make sure, you are going to make a super nice experience and learn a lot!

2. Klaarmaken voor de les

Je spullen worden opgeslagen in de kluisjes en het omkleden kan beginnen. De pakken, trapezes en crashvesten worden ieder seizoen vervangen en daarnaast regelmatig gereinigd. Eenmaal omgekleed in surfpak, trapeze, helm en crashvest ben je helemaal klaar om te beginnen met kitesurfen.

3. Opbouwen

De les begint conform de IKO-lesstappen (link). Dit begint met de spotcheck en het opbouwen van de kite op het strand.

4. Het water op of powervliegeren

Bij voldoende wind gaan we het water op met twee vliegers. Dat is met twaalf knopen wind of meer. Wanneer het minder hard waait gaan we met echte vliegers kitesurfen op het strand. Hiervoor hebben we speciaal geïnvesteerd in Flysurfer Peak kites. Deze type kites zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor dagen met weinig wind.

5. Eenmaal de vlieger in de lucht gaan we first piloting doen

Je krijgt helemaal zelfstandig de grote kite in handen. Met de instructeur naast je leer je om de vlieger heel veilig en goed controleren. Langzaam word je de baas over de kite.

6. Andere vervolgoefening

Een van de andere leuke oefeningen is bodydraggen! Hiermee vlieg je over het water met de kite. Wil je alle stappen uitgebreid door nemen? Lees dan IKO-level 1 eens rustig door (link).

7. Afsluiten

De les is bijna voorbij. Samen met de instructeur wordt de dag besproken onder het genot van een heerlijk kopje koffie of thee. Aan het einde van de les krijg je een IKO-account en toegang tot de IKO app. Hier kunt u gemakkelijk uw vorderingen mee tracken en dit kan vervolgens bij elke IKO-kitesurfschool. Nadat je alle stappen hebt behaald, kun je vervolgens bij alle kitesurfscholen materiaal huren.


Our passion for kitesurfing and especially teaching has brought us further than all other schools and centers. Below you will find many extras that we offer you during and in addition to the lessons:

Free savings for rental credit!

Of course there will come a time when you are finished with lessons. Buying your own material, even with our 20% discount, will still and at least amount to 1100 euros for a solid set. That is why you get free rental credit for lessons.

For every 2 hours that you learn with us, you get 1 hour free for renting the best equipment. You will receive this if you have completed the IKO card with us. On average, someone needs 12-15 hours of lessons, also depending on the choice of your lessons (group or private lessons).

After 12 hours of learning with us and the IKO pass, you can rent kitesurfing gear for six hours free of charge . This is a great opportunity to test different brands before you purchase.

Free access to our Youtube training package

We post new videos here every week to help you with kite surfing. We also use these videos to support our lessons. For example, we have a series of videos with each lesson block that you can watch quietly before or afterwards. This way you learn kite surfing even faster!

Choice of material after your kite surfing lessons

It is of course a new world you enter. That is why we are happy to help you choose new material. Do you buy material from us? We appreciate that very much! In that case, you always get a 20% discount on every product you buy.

From surf shoes to a complete set. We are also happy to help you with your search for a second-hand set (for example on marktplaats)!

The equipment used for giving lessons

We replace our material every six months, which means that you will almost always be able to use a new kite. This allows you to learn much faster.

We use the best brands such as Cabrinha, Airush and Naish. We have separate kites for each type of wind for optimum efficiency. Nowhere else can you find such an extensive range of teaching kites as with us.


We are the only surf school with surf center. That means that we can pay extra attention to the wetsuits, unlike many other schools. Hygiene is our priority, so the wetsuits are washed out after every lesson and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. The wetsuits are also replaced every year. So you never have to feel uncomfortable in them.

Kitesurfing lesson on the beach of Workum

The kitesurf lessons are mainly given on the beach of Workum in Friesland. This is the perfect place to learn kitesurfing. The water is fairly shallow so you can stand anywhere. The beach is large enough to build up many kites and in addition, it offers space for your friends and family to relax while you have lessons.

We are the only kiteschool with a surf center and shop on Workum beach. Other providers of kitesurf lessons come with a van to teach.

IKO Kitesurfschool

We consciously chose to become an IKO kitesurf school. IKO is the abbreviation for International Kiteboarding Organization. Thanks to the methods the IKO developed, we can offer top quality lessons. In addition, it offers fantastic training opportunities to our own instructors. After completing the lessons you can rent equipment all over the world. Similar kite surfing schools only support IDO and VDWS.
Other organizations are local and small. Do you have a different kind of kite pass? Then you will have to take 1 hour of private lessons to obtain the IKO pass after which you can rent from us.