Learn kitesurfing

at soal

Kitesurf lessons at the beach of Workum

The kite surfing lessons are mainly given on the beach of Workum in Friesland. This is the perfect place to learn kitesurfing. The water is fairly shallow so you can stand anywhere and the beach is large enough to build up many kites.

In addition, it offers space for your friends and family to relax while you have lessons.

We are the only kiteschool with a surf center and shop on Workum beach.

Our lessons always include:

  • IKO-certificate.
  • Our prices always include everything (wetsuits and further necessary equipment).
  • Changing rooms, lockers, coffee/ tea.
  • Newest A-brand kite equipment.
  • Only surf center directly at the beach.
  • Always an experienced IKO-instructor.
Trial lesson

Trial lesson

from €69,-

The trial lesson is meant as a day out, or to see if kite surfing is for you.

  • 3 h kitesurf lesson
  • Group of 4 participants
  • Also nice as a gift!


Weekend course

Weekend course

from €200,-

Surrounded by a nice club of people, your are going to experience the real feeling and flair of kitesurfing.

  • 2 hours extra lesson for free!
  • Most enjoyable kite course there is!
  • Starting every Saturday 9 AM.


Week course

Week Course

from €300,-

During this week and surrounded by a nice bunch of people, you are going to learn kitesurfing as best possible.

  • Most enjoyable kite course there is!
  • Including IKO-certificate.
  • Starting every Monday 9 AM.


Group lessons

Group lessons

from €85,-

Both for the beginner and advanced. The differences om levels are taken into account.

  • different packages
  • Max 4 participants
  • 2 Kites, 1 instructor.


Private lesson for 2

Private lesson for 2

from €89,-

Sharing the instructor with another student, you have your own private kite for the entire lesson.

  • Own kiteset
  • 2 students
  • One instructor


Private lessons

Private lessons

from €80,-

Do you want to learn kitesurfing super fast? Then take private lessons and go out on the water with your own private instructor.

  • Own kiteset during the lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 instructor


Children’s lessons

Children’s lessons

from €75,-

Children between 6 and 12 years of age receive lessons from a specially trained instructor.

  • Super safe & super enjoyable!
  • From the age of 6 years and beyond.
  • Free drink!




Gift card

Gift card

from €50,-

Give someone an experience as gift. They will never forget this.

  • Valid until one year after purchase.
  • Including equipment
  • Ideal for the young and old