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Private lessons in windsurfing


If you come with a group of friends for a kitesurfing lesson or with your whole family we can recommend the group lessons always fun and very educational! With a group lesson you learn to kitesurf in exactly the same way as if you choose a private or private for two lesson. Your level remains the same, so group kitesurfing lessons are not necessarily cheaper than private or private for two lessons. If you look based on time yes. But if you look at how far you've come it's about the same.

So we recommend choosing the kitesurfing lesson that suits you best and not based on price. Book group lessons especially if you are coming with a group! If you come alone or together with someone you'd better book a package of private or private for two lessons!

A group lesson can only be booked with a minimum of 3 registrations, maximum group size is 4 students per lesson per instructor.

Private lessons in windsurfing

The very best choice Private lessons in windsurfing

  • IKO certified & motivated instructors

  • Lessons always include wetsuit & accessories

  • Locker rooms, outdoor shower & lockers

  • Lessons at one of the most beautiful surf spots in the Netherlands

  • Passion, knowledge & experience

  • Responsible, efficient & safe

  • Customized to your needs & level

  • Advice on purchasing your own equipment

  • Nice discounts for our students

  • Test material of all our brands

  • The best equipment to rent

  • We also like to teach you wingsurfing & windsurfing

Reviews of Private Lesson Windsurfing

Top, just Top! Very nice club with only nice people. A private lesson (kite) from Eline.... If you already have some experience she is definitely recommended to continue learning. Visited the shop after the lesson and of course went home with some nice things. Thanks Soal for the nice experience
What a great location! Lovely stretch for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Water nice and shallow, so you can stand very far, perfect for beginners. In the store you can buy and rent. Highly recommended!!!
I had a great experience! The instructors were all friendly and when things didn't work out for a while, they were all positive. If you want to learn, this is the perfect place! Definitely highly recommended!!!

Structure Private Lesson Windsurfing

Steps Lesson Plan Private Lesson Windsurfing Workum | Friesland | Netherlands | Europe A private kitesurfing lesson takes two hours with us, you will learn how to set up the equipment, you will learn the safety rules, you will learn bodydragging, water starting & sailing!

We welcome you to Soalsurf!

Be present 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Report to one of our staff members.
They will put them on present and introduce you to the instructor who is going to give you a great day!

You can store your clothes and belongings in lockers, for this you have to bring a lock. The suits, trapezes and crash vests are replaced and cleaned every season. You may bring your own surf clothes if you have them.
Once changed into your surf suit, trapeze, crash vest and helmet you are ready to start your kitesurfing lesson.

The lesson begins in the lesson steps of the IKO. You start with a spot chick and building up the kite on the beach. Once you have done this you will learn to launch the kite and go out on the water with your instructor.

When there is sufficient wind, we go out on the water with a kite. That is with twelve knots of wind or more. When the wind is less strong we go kitesurfing on the beach with real kites. For this we have specially invested in Flysurfer Peak kites. These kites are designed for days with little wind.

Once the kite is in the air we will do first piloting. The kite will be handed to you and the instructor will teach you how to fly the kite in a safe and controlled way. Slowly you get better and better and you become the boss of the kite!
- you will learn the theory about the wind window
- you will learn how to take off and land the kite
- how to walk with the kite in the air
- what happens when releasing the bar and pulling your quick release

The next fun exercise you will learn once you have mastered the above is body dragging! With this you will fly over the water from left to right, through this exercise you will be prepared to steer in at the board start. Can you perform this perfectly? Then we will move on to real kitesurfing, before you know it you will be standing on the board and sailing from left to right!

The lesson is almost over. Together with the instructor your lesson is discussed. Feedback is given to further teach you how to kitesurf and a preparation for the next lesson.
At the end of the lesson you will receive an IKO account and access to the IKO app. With this you can easily check your progress and this can then be done at any IKO kitesurfing school. After you complete all the steps, you can rent equipment at all kitesurfing schools with your IKO certificate.


Soal Surf is the most fun surf school in Friesland! We are the only surf school that has a permanent location on the beautiful beach of Workum. We have a large range of kitesurf, windsurf, wingsurf, wingfoil & stand up paddles, which are used for our surf school and for rental. There are a number of other mobile surf schools on the beach, such as Sky-high kitesurf school, Antixsports & Kite mobile. Also, we are an IKO certified kitesurf school and also provide instructor training for our own school and for other schools around the world. 

We also provide instructor training for our own kitesurf school and other schools. We do this by means of IKO trainings. Within Soal Surf the IKO examiners and trainers have already trained several surfers to become kitesurf instructors. The instructors are highly educated and have enough experience & knowledge to coach you in the best possible way!

Private for two kitesurfing lesson packages

2 hours

1 Lesson
99 Together with the other students you start the class. You will have three hours of intensive lessons together. You learn to kitesurf efficiently and quickly. You might just get the hang of it after 1 lesson and maybe after a few lessons you can already sail.

6 hours

3 Lessons
249 Want to get right down to business? The instructor will make sure the three lessons meet your level. You learn quickly, together with another student. In the beginning you will share a kite set together, when you have built up enough experience during the lessons you and the other students will go on the water with several kites.

10 UUR

5 Lessons
369 This is highly recommended! If you want to learn to kitesurf efficiently & quickly, book five lessons immediately & schedule them in one week, month or a year. The real kite feeling can only be experienced with a complete course. In a group of a maximum of four students you follow a series of 5 kitesurfing lessons of 3 hours. After this lesson package you are guaranteed to be able to kite.
Most booked


Soal Surf is the Surfshop where you can go for all your kitesurf, windsurf & wingsurf gear. Besides all surf gear our staff has a lot of knowledge, passion and experience to help you make the best choice. In addition to our wide range of surf gear we also offer lifestyle products. We definitely have what you are looking for!

Large assortment for almost every budget
Everything delivered from stock
Shop online
Great discounts for our students
Expert advice
Test equipment of all our brands
The best equipment to rent

In addition to Private Windsurfing Lessons, we also offer:

From 130 p.p.


From 99 p.p.


from 130 p.p. 



Frequently asked questions about Private Lesson Windsurfing Friesland

In most cases you can already come kitesurfing as a 12 year old, this depends on your weight and ability to concentrate.
Even when you are 101 years old and mentally still fit enough you can still come kitesurfing at Soal surf Workum.

When you are physically and metal healthy kitesurfing is easy to learn for anyone. Your health comes first do you have a medical condition or is there anything we need to know ? Call os 085 0045745

The kitesurfing lessons almost always take place, unless the wind force is 7 beaufort (very strong wind) or more or When it is windless the lesson can unfortunately not take place, you can easily schedule the lesson at another time through your own environment.

We have several benefit packages, if you choose to book a benefit package of several lessons, and you can sail earlier than the average (10-15 hours) then we give no money back but you can convert this into shop credit.

If your vacation is over and you still have open lessons, no problem they remain valid for 12 months, so you can schedule them again when the wind is right for you. 

Yes you can! First specify the start date then you can choose the follow-up dates for your remaining lessons as well :) 

IKO Certificate and Training

We are an IKO certified kitesurf school and will give you an IKO certificate after completing your course. Yes, from then on you can go on the water responsibly & safely with sufficient experience! With the IKO certificate you can rent equipment all over the world, super convenient to take with you when you travel or go kitesurfing along the Dutch coast.

Would you like to become an IKO instructor? Then follow the instructor training at Soal Surf. During the before & after year you can follow the instructor training with us! This is highly recommended, you learn a lot of skills & can teach yourself afterwards, with us or with other surf schools.

Fixed location on the beach

Always fresh (h)honest coffee

Free Parking